Our Community

Canberra Baptist is a vibrant and open Christian Community drawn together by our love of God, our love for each other, and our love for God’s world. We are a diverse group of people of all ages and we embrace many different stories of faith.
We love to meet together in worship, small groups, share a variety of social activities and offer hospitality to one another and our neighbours. As we seek to follow Jesus we share a commitment to loving our neighbours and issues of social justice and peacemaking.

Our Minister

Rev. Belinda Groves

Belinda is the Team Leader at Canberra Baptist Church. Her role includes leadership, preaching and worship, pastoral care and building community. She loves being part of a community with a rich tradition of thoughtful worship and theological reflection and a living practice of discipleship, hospitality, mercy and justice.

Belinda has a BA (Hons), Dip. Ed., a BTh (Hons) and an Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry. Her background includes eight years as Associate Minister of Canberra Baptist, six years at Seaforth Baptist Church, three years at Northside Baptist Church, and some pastoral experience at Yokohama Union Church in Japan. As well as having lived in Japan, she has lived in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Belinda has one husband, Aron Downey, two dogs, Mischief and Monty, and three children; Miriam, Grace and Zachary.



Our Story

Formed in 1929 Canberra Baptist Church was established so Baptists would have a presence in the new national capital. Our beautiful church was built with donations from Baptist all over Australia.

From the very beginning, Canberra Baptist Church has believed that the gospel that gives us life should also give life to others. Our community holds together a breadth of theological views and expressions, while enjoying welcoming and caring fellowship. We firmly believe that compassion and justice are not optional extras for the church, but essential to following Jesus.

In 2017 we affirmed again our church mission statement – to build a vibrant and open community which is responsive to God’s love in Christ and committed to serving God and people – and committed ourselves to three goals.

Led by the Spirit we will:

  • Explore together what it means to follow Jesus today
  • Build an inclusive, caring community
  • Share God’s love and justice in words and actions