“It’s my favourite church service of the year!” Miriam announced to our, somewhat surprised, family last night while we were talking about this Sunday’s Lessons and Carols Service.

“What!” said her partner, Dan, “Better than the Blessing of the Animals?”

“Oh, yes!” said Miriam, firmly, “It my absolute favourite service of the year!”

So, there you are. The Lessons and Carols Service, this Sunday, 10 December at 10am, is Miriam’s favourite service of the year.

I know she is not alone.

And I know, from listening to Jeanette last Sunday,  that many of us find our hope in God and our hope in what God is doing in our world strengthened by hearing the familiar stories and carols of this Advent and Christmas season. I think there is even a carol about that!

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
their old, familiar carols play,
and mild and sweet

the words repeat
of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

I read another wonderful story recently about the importance of music in our lives.

I am on the email list of an American folk musician, Linford Detweiler, and he wrote about his Armenian piano teacher telling him about two of her relatives – distant aunts – who during WWII had managed to save a little extra money to buy winter coats for this time of year.

They walked into town on a windy and grey November day and discovered that a visiting symphony orchestra was going to be performing that evening. They looked at each other, knowing instantly what the other would say. “We can be cold for one winter,” one of them said as they stepped up to the box office to purchase tickets.

What songs and music are important to you? What helps you to stay fixed on hope, and fixed on the hope for peace, in our lives and in our world?

Detweiler writes, “When we sing of peace on earth, it’s not because we’ve achieved it. It’s because against the odds, any heart that aims true will strain and leap in that direction.”

Please join us this Sunday, 10th December at 10am, for this very special service, prepared by James Carter and our church choir, that will help us to aim true for hope and peace.

Grace and peace,


PS Don’t forget the Canberra Baptist Church Christmas Party is also on Saturday night – 6pm for 6:30pm. Costs are: $20 adults, $10 students, and $5 primary aged children, under 5s free.

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