Today I’ve been re-reading the Sunday-to-Sunday messages for the year.

What a year! We have lost loved ones, but we know that love goes on! We have welcomed new friends and welcomed new friends into membership! And we have continued to pour out energy, creativity, faithfulness (and a willingness to sometimes fall on our faces), day by day by day, showing love to our community.

During the year, a wise young woman in our community said to me, “I feel like something good and beautiful and holy is growing…” and those words have stayed with me. I, too, feel like something good and beautiful and holy is growing, and I am so thankful to God!

May your Christmas be a time of rest, refreshment, and renewal. May you enjoy time with people you love and open your heart to others. May you read some good books. Watch some great films. Have a sleep in! Walk on a beach. And dance in the new year!

God is with you all – in all of that.

Grace and peace,


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