Two weeks ago, Cecelia and I were part of the Micah Women Leaders’ Delegation, meeting with politicians to raise Micah’s A Safer World for All Campaign that will be launched early next year – focusing attention on ways we can alleviate the crises, or polycrisis, that are/is derailing decades of development progress around the world.

A Safer World for All

Our delegation (including at least eleven Baptists – photo) met with 43 politicians in a total of 42 meetings. Most of the politicians we met agreed to further meetings to discuss A Safer World For All and many pledged support straight away. Those who’ve posted on social media so far include: Patrick Gorman MP, Milton Dick MP, Shayne Neumann MP, Senator Marielle Smith, Daniel Mulino MP and Bridget Archer MP.

If you would like more information about what Micah, and its members, Australia’s leading Christian international development agencies, are calling for in this campaign, click on this link to the – Digital copy of the ‘Safer World For All Infographic’ we shared with politicians.

We were also in Parliament House to let politicians know that Micah, and its member agencies, support a ‘Yes’ vote in the Voice referendum.

Micah is a movement that was birthed to create space for the voices of the Global South and marginalised communities. Therefore, Micah, “believe[s] that the same should be done here in Australia, with First Nations peoples having the opportunity to advocate and provide advice on decision making which affects First Nations communities.

…As a Christian movement, we seek a world in which the Biblical vision for flourishing is actualised, with thriving communities and the dignity of all people recognised.

We know that this vision has not yet come to be – internationally or here in Australia.

…Micah has always acknowledged that our work for global justice must go hand in hand with pursuing justice and reconciliation here at home. We see this referendum as a key moment of justice advocacy in our nation, to face the wrong doings of the past and take a concert step towards stronger relationships with our First Nations people.”

As Micah reflected on the justice work that they did overseas, involving indigenous communities, being led by First Nations elders and emerging elders, they realised that they could not do differently here at home.

As they reflected on Jesus’ teaching and example of ’Loving your neighbour as yourself’ (Mt22:39), of seeking the flourishing of justice (Micah 6:8), they felt that this is an important moment for the Australian Church to be unified in supporting our First Nations people.

May our desire to be good neighbours inspire us also to seek justice for others!

Grace and peace,


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