Well, school is back – which means all of us now have resumed our normal routines!

Part of the normal routine at Canberra Baptist Church is preaching through our church goals at the ‘start’ of the year. This Sunday, 5 February, 12 February and 19 February, Steve and I will be looking at what our goals are and what they mean to us as a congregation. Join us on these three Sundays as we recommit ourselves, led by the Spirit, to explore what it means to follow Jesus today, build caring, inclusive community and share God’s love and justice in our words and actions.

Another part of the normal CBC routine is small groups – places where we can deepen friendships and deepen faith. These groups were highlighted in last week’s bulletin and service, and they’ll be highlighted again this week. Please feel free to check out one that interests you in February – or if you are new to CBC (or the concept small groups) there is a group that running for just four Thursday evenings in March. This will provide a great opportunity to get to know other people and reflect on ‘Stories from the life of Jesus’ in the lead up to Easter.

At morning prayers on Monday (a small group I omitted from the list – but if you’re interested it meets 8am on zoom each weekday –  Zoom link HERE/password – Currie) one of the group prayed for, “all the little people heading off to school with their lunches, and all the big people making those lunches…”

I was reminded of those words when I came across this prayer (below) based on our Bible reading for this Sunday, Matthew 5:13-16.

The Spirit of God is upon you and has anointed you.

You are the salt of the earth and you bring light to the world.

You are not too young or too old,

you are not too rich or too needy

to bring good news to the impoverished,

to give a hand to the broken-hearted,

and to live out freedom and pardon

through the gifts you have been given.

So remember to pack peace in your toolbox,

hope in your briefcase,

love in your lunchbox,

and may integrity, honesty, and joy be the outfit you pick out to wear each day.

Do not be frightened, for you are never alone.

The God in whose image you are made

will walk with you and guide you today, tomorrow, and every day.                                                                                                            

— Copyright © Connie Epp.

Grace and peace be with you. May you remember to pack peace in your toolbox, hope in your briefcase and love in your lunchbox! See you on Sunday!


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