Please join us on Sunday at the manse for lunch! Everyone is invited! It will be simple – a sausage and salad – but you are all very welcome!

Food at The Manse

The weather is looking a little threatening in the afternoon, but Aron is confident that we can fit everyone in the house – even if it rains!

My mother has been visiting this week and we have been to see the Cressida Campbell exhibition and been moved by some people’s ability to see beauty in very everyday things.

It reminded me of another quote from the first short story I mentioned on Sunday – A Christmas Memory.

Sixty-something Sook is talking to seven-year-old Buddy after all the Christmas celebrations are over and she and Buddy are flying their kites (their gifts to each other) and Queenie, their little orange and white rat terrier is burying a bone (their gift to her) in the grass.

“My, how foolish I am!” my friend cries, suddenly alert like a woman remembering too late she has biscuits in the oven. “You know what I’ve always thought?” she asks in a tone of discovery, and not smiling at me but a point beyond. “I’ve always thought a body would have to be sick and dying before they saw the Lord. And I imagined that when He came it would be like looking at the Baptist window: pretty as coloured glass with the sun pouring through,. Such a shine you don’t know it’s getting dark. And it’s been a comfort to think of that shine taking away all the spooky feeling. But I’ll wager it never happens. I’ll wager at the very end a body realises the Lord has already shown Himself. That things as they are” – her hand circles in a gesture that gathers clouds and kites and grass and Queenie pawing earth over her bone – “just what they’ve always seen, was seeing Him. As for me, I could leave the world with today in my eyes.”

“I could leave the world with today in my eyes.”

May we have many many days like that this year! May God’s kingdom come!  Amen!


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