A tangible expression…..
In my experience, even the most well intentioned plans, if done without a clearly stated purpose, can have unplanned outcomes. Outcomes where many within the congregation can feel estranged from what is going on, and those actually involved can feel overwhelmed and exhausted. In the haste and passion for success, things get rushed, people left behind, and the only thing to truly flourish is a petri dish of confusion.

The deacons meeting in August this year affirmed that the purpose of the Currie Crescent Community Centre (CCCC) is to be a tangible expression of the mission and goals of Canberra Baptist Church (CBC).  

Within the deacon’s affirmation there is a clear and direct connection of CCCC to CBC: CCCC is part of CBC; CCCC is a ministry of CBC, its role is to be a tangle expression of what we understand to be our God given hopes and aspirations; CCCC is not a body/community that is separate and disconnected from CBC; CCCC is to be within CBC’s capacity and scope; CCCC is an expression CBC’s Missio Dei (Mission of God). This is a crucial understanding, one that will govern whatever we do from here.

The above invites us, the people of CBC, to share in the mission and work of CCCC. This is the reason for us running the LLL series and is at the heart of the upcoming workshop.

Within stating the above, it is also important to note that we are not necessarily talking about each of us being busier! Rather than thinking about what we can’t do, perhaps we could start thinking about possibilities – can we: be more intentional? share more with each other about our interests? open our thinking to ponder how the things that we already do, individually or together, can be ministries of the church? I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. Together we’ll need to be patient, the thoughts and ideas will be slow to arrive. It will take more than just a three-week series and online survey to discover all the options. But prayerfully, together we can move ahead to further embrace and encapsulate the mission and goals: Mission:
Building a vibrant and open community which is
responsive to God’s love in Christ and committed
to serving God and people
Led by the Spirit we will
Explore together what it means to follow Jesus today
Build inclusive, caring community
Share God’s love and justice in our words and actions

Grace and Peace

Steve C
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