Dear Friends,

The final Sunday to Sunday for 2021! So much to think about. So much to give thanks for. And so much to pray and hope for you all and for us as a community in 2022!

Most of all I am grateful for the faithful presence of God (God who we remember and worship as Immanuel, God with us, at this time) and all of you who remind me of the faithful presence of God, in your prayers and actions and kindnesses.

Our Psalm for Monday was 113; and verses 5-7 were Christmas in a nutshell for me this week, “There is no one like the Lord our God.
He lives in the heights above, but he bends down to see the heavens and the earth…[to raise the poor…to lift the needy…] ”

May God bend down and be born in us, in all the challenges and joys of this Christmas, and help us share the good news of this birth to others in the year to come.

Belinda (and Cecelia)

PS See you 11pm Christmas Eve at Wesley, 9am Christmas morning at CBC, 10am Boxing Day at CBC, 10am 2nd January at CBC (with a BBQ at the Manse to follow) or on Zoom! 😊