I am technically still on holidays, though a lot has been happening at the church this week, and there’s a lot happening this evening!

You might have seen Canberra Baptist now has a double – a mini double! Inspired by the cardboard replica of the iconic Canberra bus stop, Cecelia has produced a cardboard replica of Canberra Baptist Church and we have spread the word to those who attend family programmes at the Community Centre and the church, and families have been coming by and giving the mini church a wonderful colourful coat of paint!

This evening’s Community Hour focus is not building cardboard constructions, but building each other up! What is one thing you have heard or seen during lockdown that has really encouraged you? Let’s share those moments of encouragement and, “encourage others with the encouragement we have received from God” (a loose paraphrase of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4!) The link to Community Hour (5:30pm to 6:15pm) is here – On Zoom

And later tonight – 7:30pm – is the first of our information sessions about the staffing models and position descriptions that the deacons are recommending to our church meeting on Sunday 10th October. If you are wanting more information or have questions about the recommendations from the deacons (here.) please join us tonight for this session. (There will also be another information session this Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm.) The Zoom link for the information session at 7:30 pm tonight is here.

Grace and peace to you all!


PS Here’s what the cardboard was looking like – just a few moments ago!