Dear Church


My last Sunday-to-Sunday was a fortnight ago, at the beginning of Spring. I commented then on the excitement of seeing new plants shooting and included a photo of tulip leaves appearing in the garden at the Church. What a difference two weeks makes! The tulips are now in full bloom, along with the violets, and it looks fabulous. If you can, come and enjoy a look at the flower beds in front of the Church and manse, and at the Community Garden. Thanks to the Staffords for organising, the Friday morning garden team for planting, and Floriade for supplying.

(Photo sourced from the Kingston Barton Residents Group Instagram)

Last Sunday morning we had the family service in the Hall as well as the service in the Church, with almost 40 in each. In the Church, Belinda preached on the Hebrews’ escape through the Red Sea from Exodus 14:19-31. Her conclusion sums it up well.

“How did Moses cross the Red Sea? How do we continue to cross the Red Seas of our experience, in our Individual lives and as a community of hope, a people who also are God’s loved and chosen people? We do it by being still. Yes, yes. By keeping on going. Yes, yes. By lamenting. Yes, yes. And by continuing to sing songs of defiance and hope and rejoicing in God’s delivering and creating work in our lives and in our world. Yes, yes!”


The families in the Hall looked at the same story in some more interactive ways, including building pyramids with marshmallows and toothpicks. Once again, Eliza and the Youth did a great job in planning and running this service. The two services ended together in the courtyard with a united rendition of “We are marching in the light of God”.


Our third service for the day was Sunday at 6 over Zoom. Being the second Sunday of the month it was a discussion night, with the topic being climate change and environmental action. Thanks to Emily for facilitating this one and for being a resource and contact person. Don’t forget about our Sharing and Sustainability Facebook Group which is one way we are trying to “practice what we preach” on eco-issues.

Facebook Groups

Sharing and Sustainability at Canberra Baptist Church has 88 members

It was a rather full day last Sunday because there were two other significant events. At 11.30am, after the post-service Zoom breakout groups, an amble of walkers (apparently that’s the correct collective term, which suits us) set out on our first Walk & Talk, which was to the Jerrabomberra Wetlands at Fyshwick. The rain held off and we all enjoyed the walk as well as the chance to chat. We are thinking we might add a picnic lunch to next month’s Walk & Talk (Walk, Talk & Fork???) so stay tuned for details.

Photo by Aron (on Callum’s camera)


Then at 3pm our Church Secretary led a Zoom session on the revised Safe Church policies that will be presented for adoption at the Church Business Meeting this coming Sunday. This was very beneficial in answering questions and obtaining feedback and helpful suggestions. There are other important matters on the agenda for the meeting so we encourage you to join us on Zoom at 2pm. The link will be in the weekend’s e-bulletin.


This Sunday Belinda will be preaching again, this time on Matthew 20:1-16, the fascinating and challenging parable of the vineyard labourers. What possible practical applicability does v16 have today — “So the last will be first, and the first will be last”? We will also hear from Nicky Amy about Tara’s Angels, a BaptistCare domestic and family violence ministry. This Sunday it is the turn for I-Z’s. An overflow facility will again be provided in the Hall.


This week has seen some welcome reductions in COVID cases in Australia, the easing of some restrictions, and the possibility of more to come in the near future. Keep praying though for those most affected, not just in our own country but also in others where the situation is so much worse. Remember, “it’s not over till it’s over for all”.


Blessings for the week ahead.

John Morrison


P.S. An update — I have now received a reply to one of the letters I wrote to ACT politicians as part of our “End COVID for All” letter-writing night. It was a supportive response from Andrew Leigh MP, member for Fenner.