Greetings everyone.


Last Sunday morning I commenced my sermon with a riddle – “When is a door not a door?” I invited anyone with an answer to write it on a sheet of paper and hold it up at the end. There were so many who held up “When it’s ajar” that we didn’t have time to spotlight them all. There were also some very creative responses including “ADORE”, an actual jar, and the following virtual background from Zach.

The point of it all was that I was speaking on “Open Doors” from the story of the risen Jesus visiting his disciples through shut doors (John 20). While there are many doors that need to remain shut during this time of Coronavirus restrictions, we can still open doors of peace, belief and mission. The breakout groups after the service shared instances of God opening doors.


Morning prayers this week have followed on from that with reflections on guidance from the stories of Gideon laying a fleece and Jonah’s call to go to Ninevah. These have been special times together. With Zoom we have gone from one morning a week to every weekday morning and daily attendance has doubled. We are thinking we will continue this format even after Coronavirus restrictions have eased. The link to join us is * and the time is 8.00-8.30am.


Let’s keep praying for the families of those who have died from Coronavirus; for those struggling with isolation; for government leaders around the world as they make decisions about restrictions; for frontline health and emergency workers.


Saturday is ANZAC Day. It will be very different this year of course with the usual public commemorations either cancelled or scaled back dramatically. We can still remember, however – remember the death of so many people in war and the sacrifices they and their families made. And we can pray for those who are still being killed and traumatised through wars and conflicts in so many parts of the world. Pray for peace through the risen Prince of Peace.


On Sunday morning Belinda will be leading the service and preaching on the wonderful story of Jesus’ resurrection appearance to two on the way to Emmaus. There will also be some special musical items recorded remotely during the week in several locations and mixed for the service. We warmly invite you to join in this time of worship. We had over 100 devices last Sunday so our upgraded Zoom subscription is now working well.


I close with the Benediction from last Sunday, which was from 1 Peter 1:2b,3 (NIV).


May grace and peace be yours in abundance.

     Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

     By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope

     through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.



God bless.

John Morrison


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