Dear Friends

In the last few weeks many in our church have been away at camp! To fill us in on what happened, I’ve asked Lewis Watson (Year 6) and Cara Edgerton (year 10) to write today’s pastor’s note.


The Dads & Kids Camp at Pretty Beach was another fantastic time spending time with friends and my dad and camping in the great outdoors. The fun activities included; creating a family flag, the scavenger hunt (we came 2nd!), hiking and swimming at the beach and plenty of free time where our tent was converted into a Dungeons & Dragons lair.  

It’s great to spend time with my dad and getting to know the other dads and our friends from Canberra Baptist Church as well as new people who were invited to come along.

There were people who have been at every Dads & Kids Camp and others for the first time.  For me it was our fourth time. Dads & Kids Camp would have to be one of my favourite church events in the year, alongside Church Camp and SMAD Camp!

Lewis Watson


This year’s youth camp was a great experience and provided an excellent opportunity for us all to connect. The weekend was full of laughter, beaches, and card games making it something to remember! Eliza came up with a variety of amazing activities that only involved a minor risk of injuries and brought out the competitive side in all of us!

Our time at the beach stimulated stronger connections between us and helped develop our relationship with God. A combination of spaghetti, group discussion, and cake allowed all of us to get to know each other in more meaningful ways and reflect on our relationship with religion this past year. Of course, nothing settles theological discussion like a water fight on the beach or even the more peaceful alternative of beach meditation, ensuring the perfect balance of fun and thinking.

We’d all like to thank Belinda and Aron for feeding and looking out for us last weekend and of course Eliza for putting up with us for about 50 hours straight!

Cara Edgerton


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